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Created on: 03 May 24 23:04 +0700 by Son Nguyen Hoang in English

Step to step to setup a game company media site & and mores

Me and another colleagues decided to create our own game since last December. The game basic feature is incompleted. We both have a full time job. However, he really want to sign up a company (he is the type of person who want to do many things at onced - like me). Hence I dedicided to join him. Also, it is true that I always want to found a Game Development Studio myself. After all, I had spent three years in the industry and working hard under other’s design is never my wanna be models.

I will update all steps I did to found the company here as a guideline for me-in-the-future and for all of them who are curious. More updates will be added!

Steps to do:

  • Purchase a new mobile sim
  • Purchase a domain name
  • Purchase a professional email from a mail service
  • Create Socials media for the Studio/Company using the new email
  • (Bonus) Link the email (new one) to the founders' private mailbox (Gmail, Outlook, …)
  • Create landing pages
  • Create a devlog pages
  • Deploy landing pages to netlify
  • Deploy devlog (blog type) pages to netlify
  • Setup domain & subdomains and dns. I use netlify to handle DNS instead of Hostinger.

All of these steps had been done in two days (National Holidays in Vietnam). Below, I provide some notes on the parts I found challenging. One example is about the setup for email service.

A. Setup netlify as domain dns nameserver
  • Visit DNS/Namservers in Domains section
  • Update DNS record to netlify dns
  • If after changing, you still cannot visit your site and the site showing up is still the default Hostinger website. Consider to clear “ssl” in the Window Control Panels, then restart the browser.
  • If encounter the HSTL error (like below image). Consider to remove the hstl setting in the chrome://net-internals/#hstl. You can find the solver for other web browser.

B. Setup email purchased from Hostinger:
C. Setup email: Connect mails to Google mails and create alias:
  • For forwarding mails: directly use Forwarders feature provided in Hostinger. That could be the quickiest method.
  • For sending mails: Visit Google mail -> Setting (the gear button on the top right) -> All Setting -> Accounts and Import -> Select Send Mails As. From here you can add another email address and be able to send mail as an alias (from another mail account)

Assuming you had finished, your company site is Your email (company mail) is [email protected], with one alias: “[email protected]”. After your initialization, from your google mail ([email protected]) you have mail auto forwarded when the mails go to “[email protected]”. In addition, from your google mail you can “send mail as” [email protected]

Secondly, when receving mail in your Google Mail box, you can use feature Filters and Blocked Addresses to create a new Filter that filter the mails based on the mails & mail alias. This help you to classify mail to [email protected] and [email protected], even though they are one and all sent to one single mailbox ([email protected])

That’s it. More updates will come!

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