On Csharp - Covariance and Contravariance

Author: Son Nguyen Hoang

Word: 1645

Language: English

Created On: 12 Jun 2024

Useful concepts for generic interface, delegates and more!

Recently I decided to teach myself some C# knowledge that I found my self lacking, including but not limited to Task (Concurrency), delegates and some Design Patterns. While reading books, I encountered two concepts that sound pretty weird. They are Covariance and Contravariance. What are these? Problem I didn’t find any good translation to Vietnamese of these two concepts. The first result from Google indicates that Covariance is related to statistic?...

Đọc Neil Jamieson: Để Hiểu Việt Nam

Author: Son Nguyen Hoang

Word: 3629

Language: Vietnamese

Created On: 11 May 2024

Understanding Vietnam: Một cuốn sử viết về Việt Nam bởi người nước ngoài. Một cuốn sách đáng đọc và cho ta những cái nhìn mới mẻ.

Đọc về lịch sử là điều không dễ, đọc về chính lịch sử của nước mình đôi khi còn khó hơn. Khó vì đôi khi chính bản thân mình, mặc định coi những gì mình và dân tộc mình trải qua là hiển nhiên. Vì là hiển nhiên nên mình không coi chúng là đặc biệt. Hay nói cách khác là mình không nhận ra những gì mà dân tộc mình trước đây vốn có nhưng không biết là chúng vốn tồn tại....

Concurrency with C Sharp

Author: Son Nguyen Hoang

Word: 359

Language: English

Created On: 08 Jun 2024

Good practices to use C# with Task and more

After a while coding in C#, I think myself need to train hard on Concurrency. After, this is such a powerful concept but I never tried to grasp the ideas properly. I started teaching myself about Concurrency in C# using the book Concurrency in C#: Cookbook. This short article will summarize some practices and snipplets that I found useful. Some quick notes: Avoid async void (should be async Task ) Use Task<T> rather than ValueTask<T> (if possible) Becareful with ConfigureAwait() and its implementation on UI Threads....

Tech Journal - .Deleting Encrypts. files accidently remove $HOME in Linux mint

Author: Son Nguyen Hoang

Word: 245

Language: English

Created On: 18 May 2024

Why it happened? And how to solve?

Let’s say that you realized that 150GB of your hard drive had been used up in some sort of .encryptf files of your Linux Machine. This is already too much. You read article about this from https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/ECryptfs to make sure that the file can be deleted safely. As it said below 3.2 Removal of encryption There are no special steps involved, if you want to remove your private directory....

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