Survival Tips in Android Retro Gaming world!

Created on: 15 May 23 10:03 +0700 by Son Nguyen Hoang in English

Bugs and tips when using Android to emulate retro devices


GameBoy Advance

  • Cheats downloaded from the default database may not work. Try to use mGBA core to run game with cheats. “VBA Next” had problem with cheat. Tested on 14/5/2023. Use the default retroarch on PlayStore (android)


  • Some Game on PS1 required different bios file (e.g SCPH5501.BIN or SCPH1001.BIN). Find and download the file at then import these files into retroarch/Duckstation.

Sega Saturn


  • (2023) Don’t hesistant to purchase Drastic app on Android. I tried to play Pokemon Black/White on MelonDS, RetroArch’s MelonDS, RetroArch’s Desmune + Desmune2015. However, all of them had terrible performance. Then I decided to spend 5 USD on Drastic then the game run as smooth as butler! Hell, I event attempted to mail the developer to say thank.
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